Building (BMS)
Management System

BRCC BMS (or Building Automation System, BAS) arrangement is pointed toward giving savvy mechanization to the structure empowering the observing of different sensors of the structures to make them more secure, safer and to give both control and checking of the electrical resources of the structure to improve the structure activities, basically changing the structure into a Smart Building.

Our solutions achieve this by enabling Enterprises to significantly reduce their Energy consumption through our award winning Wireless Sensors. Our Energy Monitoring solutions allow energy consumption to be monitored and enable control of electrical assets across the enterprise. Our Disaster management solutions allow centralized monitoring of safety and security across distributed locations and our infrastructure management solutions enable efficient Facility Management.


Building Management System (BMS) records each crisis function got from sensors, for example, smoke, gas break and entryway interruption sensors that are introduced in the structure. It sends notice on Smart Apps, messages and SMS to every single significant gathering. It permits fast audit of Camera feeds to determine the circumstance and empowers crisis correspondence to all influenced gatherings to encourage speedy responses.

VDP’s work from the entryway to singular lofts to encourage passage of visitors. Individual VDP units can likewise be situated external every condo entryway whenever required. The warning from VDP and entryway ringers can be gotten on indoor boards and on Smart Apps. Robotized entryway lock is a choice that is offered to inhabitants and its activity can be incorporated with the VDP to give accommodation of distant entryway open.

 VDP’s operate from the lobby to individual apartments to facilitate entry of guests. Individual VDP units can also be located outside each apartment door if required. The notification from VDP and door bells can be received on indoor panels and on Smart Apps. Automated door lock is an option that is offered to occupants and its operation can be integrated with the VDP to provide convenience of remote door unlock.


Any outsider IP camera, DVR or NVR utilized in the structure can be coordinated into the BuildTrack BMS to give logical visual feed of zones being observed. The BMS interfaces these camera feeds to zones and in case of a crisis, the particular camera feeds can be immediately investigated. These camera feeds can likewise be gotten to through Smart Apps.


  • Building Automation System permits full oversight of all office lighting for regular territories, platform, stopping and arranging. Zone based lighting control and status are offered inside the BMS. Profiles and programmed booking can likewise be empowered to offer advantageous, and energy productive activity of lighting.

BRCC BMS is additionally and Energy Monitoring System since it empowers observing of outsider Smart Meters. It additionally permits operational checking of DG sets and UPS for battery status as suitable.  IoT based energy checking hubs can likewise be conveyed permit energy utilization observing for high limit gadgets without utilizing sub-metering.

BMS empowers observing of outsider Smart Water Meters. It permits checking of water levels in tanks and control of siphons and sprinklers to limit both water and energy wastage. It additionally can give status of STP activity.

Most 3rd party Elevators can be monitored and the status of their operations displayed by BRCC BMS. Elevators constitute a critical element of building operation which needs to be monitored by the BMS for operational convenience and for safety reasons.


As-built Building Information Models (BIM) used in construction can be uploaded and integrated into BRCC software for facility management and operations. The Views of Spaces created in the BIM model can be linked to the spaces within BRCC. Assets created within BIM can be accessible in the BuildTrack software to initiate control or monitoring of assets (or sensors). BRCC permissions capability allow access to specific spaces, controls, sensors or data to users. Asset specifications, manuals, maintenance history and live operating parameters can be easily accessed through the BIM interface in


  • BRCCBMS offers Smart Apps that can be used by building occupants to generate service requests. These requests can be monitored by the facility management personnel for assigning maintenance tasks, scheduling PM’s, managing property & asset data and maintenance history.
  • BRCC BMS enables notices to be sent through Smart Apps and emails to all building occupants, individually or collectively. This is a great aide for communicating information that impacts occupants on a daily basis.
  • BRCC BMS offers the ability for building occupants or staff to reserve rooms or equipment set aside for shared use within the building or community. A common calendar allows user with access to reserve these assets/spaces.