Energy Efficiency

Energy Efficiency Solutions offer adaptable approaches to altogether diminish energy bills in any business or modern space and in private structures.

Our answers focus on the most noteworthy power devouring resources in any space, which incorporate Lighting, Air Conditioners, Fans, Water Pumps and Motors to accomplish huge energy decrease. 

We have created novel advancements that comprise of Sensors, Controllers, Switch Nodes (Actuators), Smart Apps ,Server Software, LED drivers and more which can control of all your energy burning-through resources and limit your capacity utilization. We likewise incorporate with most Smart Meters and offer Current Transformers (CTs) that give exhaustive checking of energy utilization. Together these arrangements permit you fundamentally decrease your energy utilization.

These technologies reduce energy consumption by:

  • Eliminating all sources of energy wastage
  • Providing centralized control of all existing switches & devices; and
  • Live monitoring of all energy consuming assets

We understand that wiring can ruin the aesthetics of finished spaces. Our solutions are also available in WIRELESS options that preserve your interior decor completely intact while eliminating wastage of all lights, fans and air conditioning.

Our Smart Apps and hardware enable control of all Switches and Air Conditioners across a floor, building or campus no matter where they are located, providing total central control, scheduling and monitoring of your power usage.


Wireless Motion Sensors and Switch Nodes ensure that lights, fans, exhaust fans or any energy device are turned on/off based on motion in spaces such as cabins, passages, aisles, pantry, bathrooms, parking etc. The Sensors communicate wirelessly with the Switch Nodes that sit behind your switches for achieving this control and can be implemented as a retrofit to any switch without disturbing any of the décor of the space. Energy bill reductions from this solution can be significant.

Daylight sensors automatically communicate with our Switch Nodes that sit behind your existing switches, to turn lights on/off based on daylight in a space. The same sensors can also operate BRCC blind & curtain motors to regulate the glare from sun streaming through windows. It can improve both improve the work environment and lower your energy bills.

Control all lighting for an office, a floor, a building or an entire campus from a centralized location anywhere via BRCC Kiosks or Smart Apps. This solution also allows schedule creation for lighting that automatically controls of all light based on pre-defined schedules. This results in significant savings in power bills.

Warehouse aisle lighting efficiency solutions consist of unique motion sensors that that are specifically designed to work by themselves or in combination with aisle switches to help reduce energy consumption while being tremendously flexibile to suit specific needs of warehouses. They are able to cut energy consumption by half or more in most cases and for situations with LED, it also elongates the life of the LED resulting in reduced capital expenditures.

lighting solutions for commercial and industrial spaces. These include fixtures for standard T8 & T5 Fluorescent tubes & PL Lamps for new and retrofit situations. The product range includes all types of LED fixtures such as Downlighters, Backlit LED Panels, Suspended Updown LED and more, suitable for all kind of facilities. These LEDs can be integrated easily with Wireless or Wired brcc Motion Sensors or Centralized Control to facilitate ZERO energy wastage.


  • BRCC allows control of any type of Air Conditioner (Window, Split, VRF) irrespective of brand. This control is facilitated by either using a Smart App or by BRCC Wireless Motion Sensor. The Smart App provides centralized control of any number of AC units spread across your office space or building. It provides scheduling and temperature resets. Wireless Motion Sensors is another unique solution to automatically turn Air Conditioners ON/OFF based on sensed motion to eliminate wastage and reduce AC power consumption.
  • Air Conditioning and Lighting are the top consumers of power in any building space. Centralized control and monitoring of these can help in many ways to reduce energy consumption quite significantly (often 10-20%). Their operation can be scheduled for specific times of the day, for Air Conditioning certain temperature values can be set, malfunction or non-operating Air Conditioners can be detected. Centralizing results in better control and oversight and reduces power consumption. It also improves the life of expensive assets like Acs.


Building Management System provides the ultimate level of centralized control of all electrical assets and switches from our BMS kiosks and Smart Apps allowing single point management of all energy consuming assets. Assets that consume significant amounts of power such as Lighting, Motors, Pumps, Air Conditioning and any other power consuming electrical asset can be controlled. The same system can also monitor other assets for their operating status, i.e assets such as Elevators, DGs, UPS, Water tanks, Fuel tanks, STP and more.


  • BRCC can connect to most brands of Smart Energy Meters to provide dynamic monitoring of energy consumed. This data is available for access via BuildTrack Kiosks and Smart Apps. The same system can also Monitor status of DG sets, fuel tank levels and UPS batteries, along with the hours for which they have operated.

Many of our BRCC Nodes uniquely allow users to not only to control electrical devices via Smart App but simultaneously have CTs (Current Transformers) that provide data of the current being consumed by the device. This can be used for monitoring electric consumption for specific devices and also to turn off the device if the consumption level is higher than rated levels, to prevent safety issues, for e.g. fires can happen in air conditioners if it draws more current than rated.