Video Door Entry System

The World’s Smallest Video Door Phone With a Technology that induces all -round safety possibilities. The fundamental principle of today’s world is prevention. Security means much more than mere protection from burglars and thieves. A safe home is a feeling of being in a safe haven, the reliability of being protected at all times. Our story of safety is just the same; while you feel comfortable at your home, we make sure you stay safe too.

The one thing that protects your world from the outside world is your door. And this entry has to be shielded with the best. Introducing i-CAM Video Door Phone that guards your home with utmost protection.

The GM video door phones are a perfect blend of aesthetics and ergonomics. They comprise user-friendly interface, good digital display for providing security to homes, apartments and offices.


That’s the fascinating feature of our security products. They appear so beautiful and quietly  keep functioning brilliantly giving you  complete peace of mind.

Video Door Entry System