Home Automation

Designed down to the details for total control of home & Villa the luxury they deserve. The Everyday Home, Made Easy with Automation Daily tasks become effortless and efficient with home automation, saving money and freeing up your time to do what is most important. Through a simple app on your smart phone and tablet, or from a whole home remote, control the many features of your house almost anywhere, anytime.

Lighting Scenes

Lighting Automation 

Smart lighting brings elegance, ambiance, convenience and energy efficiency to your whole home.The right lighting provides the perfect ambiance to what ever you’re doing. Whether it’s warmly lit accent lighting for a romantic dinner, or a bright scene to show off your new kitchen, different lighting scenes make it easy to set the perfect mood. Mood settings & Dimmers always create the perfect ambiance.

Smart Curtain control

Wake up with natural light
Let Slide open and close your curtains five minutes before your alarm goes off. Wake up feeling refreshed with natural sun light. Create the perfect ambiance at home with our state-of-the-art motorized curtains, which can open and close your curtains for you. This advanced technological innovation makes human life simply more amazing.

HVAC control

Enjoy a consistently comfortable and inviting home that automatically responds to your life and maximizes energy savings. Keep your home comfortable at all times by monitoring temperature and humidity levels automatically. Being comfortable encompasses more than just adjusting the temperature simply open up the app to set the pre-programmed “Away” Scene, or the “Go to Sleep” setting and your heating and cooling system automatically adjust to your preferences. Therefore, every time you leave the house and arm the alarm, the system will automatically lower the temperature. And when you come home, the temperature returns to the selected value. Climate Control That’s Smart & Energy Efficient

Audio / Video control

Discover a world of digital luxury. Ready for an extraordinary music & movie experience in your home? Audio systems include powerful amplifiers, crystal clear speakers, and subwoofers that deliver deep bass sounds. Design a home cinema that rivals any Cineplex by incorporating immersive high-resolution audio, high-definition video, best-in-class surround sound, an enormous smart TV or projection screen, and customized lighting to complete the experience.

Device Management control

Controlling your interior spaces has never been simpler. With the touch of a finger or a tap on your mobile device, set the ambiance of your space and enjoy digital luxury. Lights, blinds, HVAC and security systems can all be activated, regardless of whether your home or half way around the world. Reliable technological solutions for any electric need to home and business owners and enable them to control and connect their interior spaces in an elegant yet simple and affordable way..

Scenes & Scenario management

Change the mood of your house, exactly the way you want. Manage your entire home automation system in the background, allowing the devices in your home to control and work together—from lighting, blinds & curtains, AC and security to music and video, and pretty much anything else in between.

Energy management

Smart home energy management system which is an integrated energy management system as the core of the activity with all the energy consumption electrical appliances. Know where you can cut down on electricity or when your devices needs servicing by tracking their energy consumption of historical data.  

Safe and Sound

Safety & Security system
Intelligent security system gives you peace of mind knowing your family is safe and secure. Using a single command you can arm your entire security system, and have instant access to all your surveillance cameras to keep an eye on everything. It can even prepare for your arrival by disarming the alarm, unlocking the door, adjusting your thermostat and lighting your way into the house.
There is an excellent way to make your home feel more secure, and appear lived in, even while you are away. Enable the Holiday Mode when you’re away to keep the burglars at bay. With Slide’s algorithm, it looks like you never left.


With the touch of your remote, you can control multiple devices for any activity. As the sun rises, set an alarm, brighten the breakfast room’s lights, open the window shades and turn on  the morning news. The possibilities are endless.