Blenze Plus

Switch . Style

Interior design is an extension of our own personality. And when it comes to self-expression, we like to say it in style. But what if you are compromising on safety while looking for style? Thus, presenting Blenze Plus – aesthetic and anti-bacterial switches. Because we believe no one should have to choose between safety and style. So switch to safety in style.



Improve hygiene and avoid microbial  contamination with our anti-bacterial switches. Silver Ions pre-mixed in  polycarbonate kills 99% bacteria and prevents  bacterial growth.

Flat Modular Switches

Designed strategically to position the front plates of the switches parallel to the surface of the wall. This makes the switches completely flush when switched off and gives them a flat, minimal look.

Precision-Engineered Locking

Switches, sockets and accessories have been aligned and locked in their own positions. This eliminates all possible gaps between individual elements (switch, sockets and plates).This provides a seamless product finish after installation.

Silky Satin Matte Finish

Add on to the aesthetics of your interiors with our Silky Satin Matt Finish switches, they are dust repellent, smooth and
easy to clean.

Metal Plates in Higher Module

Metal back plates are available in 6M and above which provides add-on strength. It prevents warpage or breaking and ensures a seamless transition from the switch board to the wall.

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