Nucleus is the core of every thing , be it ours or the universe. It is the most important element that helps transform our eco system that helps transform our eco system. In human beings, it contains genetic material that is   responsible for controlling and directing trillions of cells that our body is made of. Similar in nature if not the scale, is how complicated our  homes can be, especially
with our given busy  schedules. Now imagine, would it not be ideal to have something that’s at the core of your home. Something that helps transform your home the way you want. Something that lets your home be a reflection of your DNA. And something that’s responsible for controlling everything that goes inside your home. That’s Honeywell Nucleus. Experience Smart Living.

Familiar & Progressive

  • its function, form details and proportion add to familiarity. Gloss material finish and neutral color choices.
  • Smooth curves, rounded corners create a non-threatening feel. The sleek button and smooth surface transition makes it inviting & new.
  • True to its form, non-ambiguous, clean details yet progressive
  • Non – threatening, and friendly

Convenience & Control

Delivering convenience and control through clarity and consistency

  • Proper affordance and choice  of material. The  profile gives assurance on the intentioned interaction. Creates a minimal
    and futuristic indication
  • Non messy and  consistent  touch points. Clear grouping and layout as a reflection of respective functions
  • Clear & consistent  grouping and labeling of buttons and controls results in clear communication and error free usage. Effective use of patterns to differentiate
    different surfaces
  • Grouped, organized and well  layed out to eliminate ambiguity

Magical Experience

    •Clear communication of user intended actions, • Thin, sleek flash LED indications • Faint ‘tick’ sound feedback for actions
    • Flat, sleek body design • Minimalistic design with minimum form features • Thin bezel-less surface
    accentuates the flat body
    • Flat buttons with short push travel • Streak LED, flashed through acrylic provides a sense of mystery

Convenience & Control

  • SIMPLE Simple to install even for the not so skilled , simple to use and maintain for everyone in the family – the young, the old and the guests.
  • CLEAR Clear in its intention and behavior. Very familiar, no-nonsense,
  • CRAFTED Crafted form and function and in the experience that it delivers…that exuberates quality and trust.

Solution Architecture

  • Nucleus uses mesh network for better signal transmission and  smooth  ommunication across all devices which is better than star network which has more chances of signal loss


  • Blends beautifully with the switches on the wall
  • Scene creation is possible locally in the absence of internet connectivity
  • Connects,  ommunicates and controls every device
    inside the house

TruWay TEchnology

Device management

  • Electric Iron No need to wonder if you switched it off before leaving the house
  • No matter where you are, control of your home devices is just a touch  way. Electric Iron No need to   wonder if you switched it off before leaving the house
  • Air Conditioner
    Get your house cooled even before you reach home
  • Mobile Charger
    Schedule the  charger and never let your mobile overcharge.

Scene management

  • Changes the mood of your house, exactly the way you want.
  • Set the correct mood for your romantic dinner

Energy Management

  • Smart way to  manage your  energy  consumption. 
    Monitor and track energy  consumption of each
    device with 13 months historical data.

Benefits for developers

  • Choice to go for automation at any stage of the project 
  • No pre  provisioning or  additional design required to implement the solution

Retrofitability & Modularity

  • Hassle free installation since there is no additional wiring
  • Uniform  aesthetics between smart & non smart range Customization by selecting a combination
    of smart and non smart devices basis the requirement and ample varities of trim plates.
  • Set the correct mood for your romantic dinner

Honeywell Nuclieus range

User Interface

  • Intuitive app experience for easy control of all your devices