As how childrens need exclusive care, even does Elderly and Differently Abled people… We make vast amount of research to bridge the unavoidable situations in today’s busy working era, to keep our distant lovable ones always close to heart… Our distinct line up of products will help you to keep up your promises for those who are the favs of Nature…

Auto Pill Dispensers

Fully Automatic Pill Dispensers from e-pill Medication Reminders are Lockable & Dispense the Right Medication at the Right Time at the Right Dose. Never miss or double dose again! We offer a line of Locked Automatic Pill Dispensers, sometimes called electronic pill boxes or daily medication organizers for oral solid medicines.

Voice based Reminder Systems

Reminders are a fairly basic idea. You can ask voice assistant to remind you of something at a designated time or location, and it will let you know via smart speaker or through an app on a mobile device at the assigned moment. Assignables does the same thing, but instead, you can ask Voice based Reminder Systems to remind a roommate to do a chore at a certain time or remind a spouse to pick up a specific item the next time they are at the grocery store.

SMART Tags : Emergency Assistance

The modern Pet Identity Tag helps you locate your pet faster with a cloud connected tag. Tag can be scanned with any smartphone – anywhere in India and Globally. Use the free Android/iOS app to manage your pet pet profile (secured in the cloud). Use the ID and PIN found on the product to link it to a profile of your choice. You can also link multiple products to suit your pet’s style, to the same profile. When tag scanned and emergency contacts notified, the GPS location is recorded and sent to owner.

Remote Pet Assistance and Feeders

Smart Pet Feeder with WiFi, Automatic Cat Feeder Large Capacity Dog Food Dispenser, WiFi Cellphone APP Program Feeding. Voice Recording &IR Detector – You could customize your personal meal alarm 10 seconds on the App calling your dogs and cats when they’re time for a meal. The built-in IR detector will prevents food overflow or clogging

Smart Refrigerators

What if your refrigerator could tell you if its door has been left open, or it’s running out of ice? What if you could ask it — while you’re at the grocery store — if you need to get more eggs or milk? Depending on the features built into the fridge, it lets you do such things as use your smartphone to see what’s inside; send and receive notes and calendar entries that will appear on the fridge’s screen; and even get alerts if the refrigerator’s door is left open

Smart Planners

Shop Less, Save More, Waste Less Food. Easily keep a shopping list between family members, add recipe ingredients with the press of a button, keep an organized pantry, and even receive food expiration alerts.

Smart connected kitchen

Connected Smart Kitchen… The kitchen has often been called “the heart of the home”—but why can’t it be the brains, too? Remotely monitor and control cooking devices and appliances from your iphone or Android smartphone app.

Smart elderly monitoring and alert system

Elderly monitoring systems collect a range of data like movement, temperature, behavioral and sleep patterns, and more. The information provides caregivers and medical professionals with important insights into a senior’s health and daily life. Digital Life, Smart Care, Smart Living. A networked sensor system Monitors activity at home and provides real-time push notification alerts to Smartphone