Style & Design

Designs with Style and Grace. We have The Solutions for Every Need & Idea.
From sleek lines to custom colours, prepared to be wowed by the aesthetics of home automation. Customize the design, deciding how much of the system is showcased, and what portions seamlessly disappear into the rest of your home. Choose from traditional or more contemporary styles. Set the perfect Ambient from Multi colour lighting, dimmable lighting to set the Comfortable AC temperature for Movie time in a single touch, select a 4K flat television that can be seen, or one that blends into the walls as a painting or mirror. Amaze guests with flawless surround sound from speakers artfully blended into the room. Utilize audio lift and mounts to create a movie theatre environment in mere seconds. Stylish, custom-made furniture is the finishing touch.


In a fast-paced world, your home life should be easy, relaxed and efficient. Spend less time doing, more time with family and friends, pursuing what you enjoy most. Enjoys the Home Automation Luxury, Convenience, Comfort and peace of mind. BRCC is your Premier Partner for Home Automation, Lighting Automation, AC Climatic Automatic controls, Shades / Blinds Automatic controls, Indoor & Out door Audio / Video system , Home theatre system, Video door phones, Automatic motorized gates, Security and Surveillance systems etc.,

Home Networks

State-of-the-Art Networks The key to creating an excellent smart home Internet experience? Designing a state-of-the-art network that supports multiple devices operating simultaneously – from smartphones and iPads to set the Ambient condition for movies and streaming music. By choosing one that is optimized and reliable, you’ll receive high-speed connections without any lag time. Your home network also needs to be secure. It’s of utmost important to protect all your devices and information throughout your entire property with the highest level of encryption.

At the Touch of a Button

Reliability, Luxury, Convenience, Comfort and Safety. Create mood lighting for morning, noon and night. Stream a favorited playlist when preparing dinner, while the kids watch TV. Say ‘goodnight’ and put the whole house to sleep. All with one easy touch.

Your Unique Experience

In a smart home, everything is personalized based upon your preferences and schedules. Life is simple, comfortable and in sync! You’re on the path to perfect living.