Most powerful way of interaction – TOUCH… But it doesn’t stop there… We at BRCC provide you with stunning, elegant and user friendly Visual Interface controllable by Touch or VOICE. Unified Apps for all platforms – Mac, Android and Windows are available…

Wall mount Visual Interface

Wall mount tablets “smart home hub” acts a bit like a universal remote, but with a simplified iPhone-like user interface. It hides the apps themselves and instead uses simple icons for lights, temperature, locks, security cameras and music. There’s also a “more” button. When you tap into each area, you can adjust settings with touch-based controls based on their functions.

Docked Portable Interface

Dedicated Touchscreen, You’re probably thinking of something that looks like your tablet, but in reality, your dedicated touchscreen can look like almost anything. It can be a small, wireless portable unit that lives on your nightstand.

Remote Applications

Smartphones and tablets have opened the way to slick, button less interfaces on high-resolution touch screens that we can take with us everywhere we go. But while it can be convenient to swipe and tap on a phone screen to manipulate other smart devices, the traditional dedicated remote control (complete with actual buttons no less) remains a popular and capable user interface for any smart home system.