VHotel can be integrated with popular hotel management systems  (via IP), allowing for control of hotel rooms from the reception desk including Check In / Check Out scenarios and more. Rooms can be controlled from tablets, smartphones and desktop computers. Rooms and public spaces can be managed  individually and  scenarios can be tailored to the needs of the hotel.


Switch to Elegence

With more than 25 years of experience in the fields of developing,  manufacturing and marketing in the telecom  and communications  industries, Vitrea is at  the forefront of innovation and design. A Technological World of Smart Electricity As an Israeli company, we have access to the best engineers and designers who work with us to blend the best of both worlds into our products – the most advanced technology and magnificent, cutting- edge design. Stunning Functionality Our vision is to give homeowners and businesses the ability to control and connect any spaces in an elegant, yet simple and cost-effective way.

To achieve this, Vitrea develops tailor-made solutions that are spectacular, innovative and reliable for any interior space.

Reliability and  responsibility are of  utmost importance to  Vitrea which is why we  use only the highest  quality raw materials and  components. We  have placed a great  emphasis on ensuring fast and friendly  installation and  assimilation processes.  All of our products are
designed and  manufactured in Israel  and meet the strictest  international standards for quality and safety. Vitrea is a full-fledged member of the   international umbrella  organization  which represents smart  home system  manufacturers and  marketers around the world.